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Founded in 1933, M. Fine Lumber Company has been recycling lumber in New York City for over 85 years. We are the leading supplier of recycled lumber in the tri-state area, servicing architects, designers, and the general public with locally salvaged lumber. We reclaim lumber from local demolition projects and supply these upcycled timbers to customers all over the world on a wholesale level. We are also open to the public and sell to walk-in customers. Our clientele normally consists of furniture makers, architects, designers, Bar/Restaurant owners, and do-it yourselfers who are welcome to come to our yard, pick out the material they want, and then schedule a delivery or pick-up. Reclaimed lumber is one of the most environmentally friendly interior design materials available. It is made from recycled barn wood, old factories, and other antique structures making it a sustainable choice for your residential or commercial projects. Recycled lumber is filled with the history and character of its original purpose from times past and will continue to tell the story well into the future.

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