Douglas fir is an extremely beautiful wood that makes for outstanding flooring. It has a soft quality that looks great in a wide variety of decor schemes. Douglas Fir can be full of knots and blemishes or it can be smooth with a delicate grain. Generally, the grain of this wood is a main feature of the flooring itself and we offer both horizontal and vertical grain flooring. Many who install Douglas fir flooring will keep the color natural and that is ideal for reclaimed hardwood such as this.

Versatile Reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring

Due to the fact that Douglas Fir is a fairly common wood around the country, there is a lot of superior reclaimed wood that has been purpose built for flooring. At M.Fine Lumber Co. we have a large selection of finishes available for your home or business no matter what your decor. Douglas fir looks just as good in a contemporary scheme as it does in a more rustic setting. The finishes that we offer run from the original patina that makes reclaimed flooring so in demand, to precision planned select grade for the finest high-quality Douglas fir available. Of course we also offer a wide range of finishes to match whatever you are looking for in reclaimed flooring.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir is Ideal For Your Flooring Project

No matter what size of slats you need for your floor, M. Fine Lumber Co. has what you need. We can custom cut the width or if you wish, we can leave the flooring as it is, in random widths. This can make for a truly unique floor that is one of a kind. If you are ready to begin your hardwood flooring project but want sustainable reclaimed lumber, we are your number one source. Come visit us at M. Fine Lumber Co. in Brooklyn and see the original reclaimed lumber company. Contact us today for more information about availability and a free estimate.