There are few wood species that can compare to the beauty of antique eastern pine flooring. With its prominent knots and delicate grain, this wood stand the test of time. The wood is bright and vibrant, ideal for both rustic and contemporary home decor. Many elect to highlight the natural look of the wood using minimal stain but with its versatility, eastern pine takes stain exceptionally well and is just as stunning in a darker hue.

Why Reclaimed Eastern White Pine?

The popularity of eastern pine has never gone away and it has been used as a flooring material for decades. The simple beauty and the easy way that it works in the hands of a craftsman is just one of its advantages. When you choose reclaimed lumber, particularly flooring, you are actually helping the environment. Not only do you get the outstanding patina associated with weathered, old wood, but you are repurposing some of the most gorgeous flooring available.

Available in A Wide Range of Finishes

Generally, when consumers think of flooring, they head to the flooring store and are treated to new samples of flawless wood that, after a while, all seems to look the same. The beauty of reclaimed eastern white pine is the fact that it has had a previous life, either as an old barn or flooring in a centuries old home. In reality you never know the origin of the wood but its age shines through. That incredible look of weathered wood is real and not a facade. Of course if you want virtually flawless flooring that is still reclaimed, we offer a select grade that is without the typical saw marks and blemishes. Much of our eastern white pine is local as it was very popular in the 19th century for a building material. Contact us today for samples and a free estimate.