Some woodworkers say that each piece of wood is unique and that it has a purpose inside of it, straining to get out. With the right coaxing, from the right person, a piece of wood can realize its destiny and become a useful piece of furniture, a focal point of a room, or even a priceless work of art. While the hands of the creator are important, the wood chosen for the specific project is equally critical. 

For over 85 years, M. Fine Lumber Co. has provided the finest reclaimed lumber for flooring, panleing, shelving, and furniture making. We are the original, local reclaimed lumber distributor in New York City. We source our lumber locally and respect the history of every piece of wood we take in.

As with anything, styles come and go, one trend we have seen consistently over the past few decades is rustic furnishings. Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a log cabin at least once in their lives? Of course, not everyone wants the “log cabin look” for their everyday furnishings. At M. Fine Lumber Co. We provide artisans and furniture makers with the ideal wood for any project. Reclaimed lumber has many qualities that just can’t be found in new lumber. There are marks, blemishes, nails, scratches — genuine proof that the wood has lived and is experienced. Reclaimed lumber is exceptional for furniture making and can deliver an added depth to any project.

The professionals at M.Fine Lumber Co. have what you need no matter your project needs. We have reclaimed slabs that are ideal for tables, planking perfect for countertops, and even planed slats for inlays and doors. No matter what type of wood you need for your furniture making project we have the perfect selection of reclaimed lumber. Contact us today to request a sample and check the availability of the wood you need.