Founded in 1933, M. Fine Lumber Company has been recycling lumber in New York City for over 85 years. We are the leading supplier of reclaimed wood in the tri-state area, servicing architects, designers, and the general public with locally salvaged lumber.


Get your reclaimed lumber in any condition you desire:

  • As Is – Lumber straight from a demolition site.  You get the wood in its salvaged form right from our lumber yard, original nails and all!
  • Surface Cleaned – Removal of nails on the outside of the lumber, but not totally de-nailed.
  • Denailed – Removal of all nails, bolts, etc. & checked with a metal detector. This is required for milling or dressing lumber to ensure no blades are damaged when processing the wood to a new dimension.

Lead time is usually one week to ten days, although may sometimes take up to two weeks. Call for details: (718) 381-5200.


  • Re-sawing & Ripping – On our vertical band saw, we can mill your lumber to any size you need.
  • Planer – Our 4-sided planer is used to dress lumber smooth to accommodate various different projects, flooring, paneling etc… We can even dress the reclaimed lumber to specific dimensions.

Lead time is usually one week to ten days, although it is sometimes up to two weeks. Call today for details: (718) 381-5200.


Deliveries are made Monday through Friday between 7am and 4pm. We offer curbside delivery anywhere in New York City. For an additional charge, we also can supply you with a boom service, where our experienced drivers will lift/boom lumber off of the truck and drop it on your job site or on the sidewalk, to make unloading easier.

There is a $250 minimum for a delivery to be made, and delivery charges range from $50 to $100, depending on which borough and the size of your order. We can deliver anywhere in the tri-state area, please call for more information: (718) 381-5200.