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The Novelty of Barnwood

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Repurposed barn wood has a way of adding aesthetics and history to spaces across all design spectrums. Experts from various backgrounds agree that old salvaged pieces can work as a great neutral in interior decorations, providing natural beauty while also helping people connect with their environment through biophilic design concepts which encourage healthier living.

Richness Of History:

Barnwood has a rich and interesting history that can be incorporated into your home decor. These old boards come from barns built many centuries ago, before they were even popularized as furniture in modern homes! They have been through so much over time - think about how amazing it would look with some new life brought back to these antique pieces?

Away With Monotony:

Reclaimed barn wood is not only beautiful but it also provides a unique contrast to the monotony of modern life. In this era where so many designs have a similar look and feel, there are now old timbers which have been preserved for generations resting in antique structures- patiently awaiting their next chapter. With its rich texture and tales from long ago told through every historic inch on display, reclaiming these pieces allows us humans an opportunity at retelling our story while paying homage to those before us who labored often without reward just so that we might live more comfortably today.

Shabby Chic:

The look of shabby chic is all about bringing old, worn pieces back to life. Reclaimed wood planks are perfect for this purpose because they can work in an urban contemporary space just as much as they can in a mountain getaway setting. The variety among design aesthetics make it nearly limitless - so whether you want the simplicity or intricacies found at grandpa’s hunting cabin or you’re looking to bring natural beauty to a penthouse suite, repurposed wood is always a strong choice.

Brings The Past To Life: Reclaimed wood brings the story of its past to life in your future projects. Whether you are looking for something with a distressed or clean aesthetic, we can source it and manufacture so that each project tells its unique story through reclaimed timbers, bringing together an uncommon combination of warmth, nature tones + style.

M. Fine Lumber is here to help you find the perfect piece of reclaimed wood for your upcoming projects. Whether it be an old world look or a clean aesthetic we can design and source it so that no matter what project needs you have, they can be met with one-of kind pieces!-- emitting warmth, nature & style in every welcomed moment!

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