There is something about the look and feel of reclaimed wood. There is a softness with a rough edge, reminiscent of a rough-hewn bench in an isolated area of a national park, remote and inviting in the same moment. A century ago, barns were raised in New York only to be razed in the name of progress. As with all things, eventually the cycle repeats itself. Wood is salvaged and reused in an exciting new way.

The rate at which contractors, artists, homeowners and furniture makes are utilizing this old, reclaimed lumber is at an all time high. Recycled lumber is the ideal material for paneling and shelving particularly if you are going for that rustic vibe. Of course while reclaimed lumber is often thought of as rough and unfinished, M. Fine Lumber also provides planning for a flawless finish with character. We feel the beauty of the wood lies in its imperfection. Nail holes, skip planing, saw marks, dents and chips — all of these “imperfections” tell the story of the wood. The wood is sourced locally and dressed to your specifications. If you are feeling creative, we can provide “as is” lumber straight from the demolition site, featuring all of the original nails, bolts, and imperfections that make resublimed lumber some of the most beautiful building materials in the world.    

For the last 85 years M. Fine Lumber Co. has taken great pride in reintroducing our reclaimed paneling and shelving to the world. Regardless of if you need shelves for your bookstore or paneling to complete the bar in your restaurant, the reclaimed paneling and shelving from M.Fine Lumber Co. is the perfect fit for your project. To make the logistics of getting lumber to your location easy, we offer our exclusive delivery service, dropping your reclaimed lumber curbside, anywhere in New York City. Contact us today for a sample and download our brochure to find the ideal paneling and shelving for your needs.