At M. Fine Lumber Co. we carry the finest oak barnwood in New York. Whether finished, planed, or simply left raw, oak is some of the most desirable wood for a variety of different projects. Utilizing oak barnwood on the wall as paneling can add the touch of nostalgia to your home or business. We offer the wood finished in a selection of finishes:

  • Original face: sanded, bare, and sanded/finished
  • Clean face, where the natural beauty of the wood is displayed without the weathering.

No matter what you need for your project, we have what you are looking for in this exceptional oak barnwood.

Available in a Variety of Surfaces

Our customers that have used oak barnwood in their projects have made some extremely creative and beautiful interpretations of a classic country barn. Nothing looks better than reclaimed wood on the interior or exterior walls of your home or business. Whether you want the fresh wood look of our clean face finish or the original face in all of its rugged glory.

Each Board is Unique

One of the most compelling arguments for keeping the original face of the barnwood is the history that is displayed in the wood itself. We source our reclaimed lumber from old buildings throughout the country. Here in New York, we are privileged enough to have some of the oldest barns in the country and many have been torn down and turned into reclaimed oak barnwood. There are knots, dents and the general scars of the everyday life of a working barn. Some of our reclaimed oak barnwood includes nails and is completely unfinished and we think that makes for the beautiful wood available for your building projects.
If you are ready to upgrade your home or business with reclaimed oak barnwood, contact us at M. Fine Lumber Co. today! We can help you decide exactly the finish that is right for your project.