When this country was still young, the settlers were very fond of utilizing white pine for all sorts of uses, including paneling, ship masts, and furniture making. It was said that white pine was one of the major factors for the westward expansion, as thousands of white pine were cut down with the push west. This abundance means that lots of the lumber was used locally to build barns, homes, and businesses. White pine has been a major part of building in New York for hundreds of years. At M. Fine Lumber Co. we have been offering reclaimed whilte pine since the day we started over 85 years ago. 

Renowned for its weathered honey gold color and rich, delicate grain reclaimed white pine is sought after by builders, artists, and furniture makers. The most endearing quality of white pine is the fact that it is very easy to work, and aged wood can make for a beautiful presentation. The wood can be used in its reclaimed state, where it exhibits oranges and reds, or planned, where the gorgeous cream and honey hues tend to come out. White pine has a tremendous amount of character and is ideal for modern and rustic projects.   

When choosing reclaimed lumber be sure that your lumber is actually old lumber to be repurposed, many lumber yards may market their wood as reclaimed, when in fact it is dyed to get the same patinia. The demand is high for reclaimed white pine and some may not be what it seems. The lumber you will receive from M. Fine Lumber Co. is the real deal. Taken from reclaimed buildings all over New York, we have the best selection in the tri-state area. Please contact us today for more information about our reclaimed white pine and to order a sample.