Few wood species have the ability to brighten up a room like Antique Oak Flooring. There is an innate softness to oak that conveys a sense of classic beauty that is sure to brighten up any room. While exceptionally beautiful when stained, oak holds up extremely well when the natural patina is allowed to shine. At M. Fine Lumber Co. we offer the finest in reclaimed, antique oak wood flooring in a wide variety of finishes and textures. The texture of oak is one of its greatest characteristics and what makes it such a great looking flooring material. With prominent knots and inclusions, oak is the ultimate rustic flooring material. The color palate of reclaimed oak flooring that we carry comes in red and white oak. We offer a unique opportunity to mix the two for a floor that is truly one of a kind.  

Oak Flooring Finishes

When dealing with reclaimed flooring, you never know exactly what you are going to get. At M. Fine Lumber, we go to great lengths to get you exactly what you want, in the correct finish you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for a truly rustic floor we can provide minimally finished oak flooring to match your tastes. On the other hand, if you want a perfectly finished oak floor, we have select grade flooring available for a highly finished surface. To make our antique oak flooring more adaptable to different projects, we offer it in several cuts (such as tongue and groove) and even engineered wood flooring.

We are confident that no matter what type of oak wood flooring you are looking for, we have the perfect color and texture you desire. For the finest reclaimed wood flooring, head straight to M. Fine Lumber Co. in Brooklyn, the original reclaimed lumber company established 1933.