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5 Aesthetic and Green Ways to Incorporate Wood in Your Space

I don’t know about you, but I love a good story. And when it comes to interior design, furniture and decorating ideas, the more unique the better! That’s why we should all consider repurposed wood – because every time an accent piece is made from this material, there are always two stories being told: one about its history before ours; another detailing how our own lives may be impacted by what was created from years gone by. When you are looking to make your home or office more creative and individualized, repurposing old planks can be an excellent way of creating customized looks.


1. Ceiling Beams:

Reclaimed ceiling beams are a great way to add character and soul into your home. The natural aged appearance of these timbers will help you achieve the shabby chic look that is so popular nowadays, without having to completely renovate your entire interior décor! These rustic beams of an old home are like the Supporting Act in any room’s performance. Their natural aged appearance breaks up all sense that you’re living inside a cookie cutter environment, while also adding character and charm!

2. Countertops:

If you want to make your kitchen look like it’s straight off the pages of Architectural Digest, then try repurposing wood countertops. Not only will they help extend its lifespan but also add a unique touch that no other material could offer! You’ll be able to blend this design option seamlessly into any home decor with the antique texture quality and varying tones perfect for any space where they may be displayed.


3. Ceiling Paneling:

This ceiling is not your average, run-of -the mill type. You can find a different look for any room in the house by using this reclaimed lumber as paneling on ceilings and walls! It’s perfect if you want to make an eco statement while also stating that we acknowledge excellent taste. For a touch of class and elegance, use reclaimed lumber instead of the basic painted ceilings. Your guests will love how unique your space is! You can’t go wrong with this eco-friendly idea for an accent ceiling in any room.

Ceiling Paneling

4. Flooring:

Distressed lumber is not only a great way to update your home’s look, but it also provides durability and warmth. The first condition of reclaimed wood speaks into its final appearance in this picture where textured patterns are combined with light or dark boards for an appealing shabby chic aesthetic form.

distressed lumber floring

5. Staircase:

Making your home’s entrance unique and stylish is easy with the help of our recycled boards. We offer a variety of stair treads and risers so that with this product your entrance will make a statement and tell a story immediately upon entering. The strength of these staircases made of antique timbers will allow for them to withstand heavy foot traffic for years to come. And maintenance is easy with just a little regular sweeping and some wood floor cleaner.

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