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Hand-Hewn Beams: The New Rustic Trend

When most people think of hand-hewn beams, they picture rustic mountain cabins in the woods. However, using these gorgeous reclaimed wood beams in an urban home or office setting is also fashionable. Hand-hewn beams are making a comeback and can be used in many different ways to add character and style to your interior design. Here are four ways you can incorporate hand-hewn beams into your decor!

Hand-Hewn Beams

What are Hand-Hewn Beams?

Hewing is the manual shaping of wood using an ax. It creates a unique look that can’t be found in store-bought beams. It’s a difficult procedure, but the results are unparalleled.

Prior to the widespread use of sawmills, this technique of preparing beams was common. They are often retrieved from old barn wood and demolished warehouses, with their original hand-hewn ax marks and ancient original face patina on all four sides. There is something special about having repurposed hand-hewn beams since each individual piece is entirely unique and carries with it natural beauty along with a piece of history.

Hand-Hewn Beams

How to Incorporate Hand-Hewn Beams Into Your Decor


Live edge shelving beams

This kind of design is ideal if you want to display a variety of ornaments and unique items. And it’ll be delightfully remembered since you’ve decorated it with special objects representing moments in your life that mean a lot to you. Hand-hewn beams work great as shelving beams since they’re durable and long-lasting, not to mention that they look very elegant and would complement any interior design style beautifully.


Fireplace mantel beams

Choosing a stunning reclaimed wooden beam and corbels would give your fireplace a warm, rustic feel. Hand-hewn beams are the ideal choice for a rural, farmhouse, or cottage-style home. Decorating the beam with your favorite books or a few candles is a wonderful way to personalize the fireplace. 

Fireplace mantel beams

Ceiling beams

Rustic designs are popular among many homeowners, and you don’t have to have a cottage house to incorporate the look into your design. It is often enough to add a small accent, such as some worn wood beams in the living room, to get a rustic feel. Salvaged timbers retain many of their original saw marks, which adds to their appeal and intrigue. Furthermore, the natural wood beams would contrast with the rest of the room’s aesthetic, making them stand out even more.

Ceiling beams

Mix and match

Many people seek a variety of grain patterns and patinas for more aesthetic appeal, and that’s when the mixing of several species of reclaimed wood beams comes in.

An eclectic mixture can be even more appealing than the typical matchy-matchy of one wood species hugging the ceiling above the stairway, down the hallway, or wrapped around the doorway. Mixing recycled hand-hewn timbers for decorative purposes is an excellent alternative for individuals wishing to mimic historical woodwork.


How to Determine If a Wooden Beam Is Hand-Hewn

  • Examine the grain pattern. To determine whether a beam was hewn by hand, examine it in natural light. The grain pattern of the wood can be seen easily with this method, indicating that the beam is hand-hewn. It’s also a good idea to compare the beam to other lumber pieces. The markings and patterns on a hand-hewn beam should be distinct from those on other beams in the woodpile.

  • Look for adze or ax marks. Adzes and axes are manual tools that have traditionally been used to cut ceiling beams and construction wood. It’s simple to distinguish between marks made by manual equipment and those made by mechanical log cutters which leave circular saw marks in place of axe marks.

Wooden Beam

Hand-hewn beams are the perfect way to add a dazzling rustic touch to your home or office decor. With so many different styles and designs to choose from, there’s sure to be one that fits your space perfectly!

If your home, retail space, business, or office is in the market for rustic beams, we have a variety of beautiful reclaimed wood beam designs to choose from. Our hand-hewn beams are made from quality lumber and are sure to give your home that warm, historic touch you’re seeking.

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